The Women's Film Festival

I'm getting really fired up for attending the Women's Film Festival in Philadelphia this weekend. My film "Truthful Innards" will be screening on Saturday the 12th. So pleased to be a part of the dialogue at this festival.

My film will be featured in the LGBTQ+ shorts program, which is both nerve-wracking and thrilling! I have been pretty tentative to label myself as an LGBTQ+ artist, or to label myself as any kind of artist at all.

For a long time, I have feared the inevitable pigeonholing that happens due to labelling oneself. I have already been rejected from a festival because my film was too niche. That hurt, but maybe niches are good. 

Maybe attending a festival where my "niche" is accepted and celebrated will feel much better than previous environments I've shown my work in, where the general atmosphere catered to older straight men. I for one have heard more than enough of that perspective. It'll be wonderful to feel free to participate in a more niche dialogue. 

Here's to niche!