The Video Variant

The Video Variant is a movie screening project that seeks to screen works exclusively made by LGBTQ+ artists. How many times has a film festival boasted a “queer program” that consisted of works made by cishet filmmakers featuring a vaguely queer character who had 10 seconds of screen time? TOO MANY TIMES. How many times have you been to a meet and greet after a screening where the only other filmmakers in attendance were cishet men? TOO MANY TIMES. How many times have you felt you were in a tight knit community of filmmakers like you? NOT OFTEN ENOUGH. The Video Variant seeks to change that! The Video Variant seeks to show your work! The Video Variant seeks to love you and honor you in the hopes you may love and honor your peers with equal intensity! 
Here’s how it works: The Video Variant is a BRAND NEW screening series that takes place in Sally’s Lounge (aka my living room), and as often as possible. If you are an LGBTQ+ artist, submit your films to this screening series! Connect with your peers, hear feedback on your completed or upcoming projects, seek collaboration, make some new friends. At each of these screenings, any filmmakers who are present and willing will come up for a Q&A and open discussion with the audience. These are small and intimate gatherings, ripe for intense and thorough conversations.
The ultimate goal: The Video Variant will eventually seek funding, larger venue spaces, and public outreach. The Video Variant will have chapters all over the country. The Video Variant will connect LGBTQ+ artists together, leading to more collaboration within our community. The Video Variant will focus on marginalized communities as well as youth communities, broadening opportunities and making film accessible to all. The Video Variant operates with the knowledge that the larger filmmaking community will be strengthened by our vision and heart. Art documents culture as it is, was, and will be. Without a diverse set of voices, that mission will remain incomplete. Without us, the filmmaking community is a failure. Let us come together to unify and electrify our community. 

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Trylon Microcinema

Hello all-- If you're a local Minneapolitan, come on out to the Trylon Microcinema on June 1st at 7pm.

I will be debuting my newest film, "Thursday's Child", accompanied by live music (written and performed by Cody Lamb), and a performance by me! Additionally, the work of Felice Amato will be performed by the artist herself. 

Gonna be good. Gonna be weird!


I've been submitting to film festivals like a maniac, hoping and waiting. I recently learned that I was awarded "Best Experimental Film" at the Subversive Cinema Society!

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 11.59.43 AM.png

This is an in-process screenshot of my current project-- delving into humor and playfulness. My last piece, Truthful Innards, was very serious and somber. Time to try something without being a slave to a Thesis.

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If the laborer consumes time for themselves, they defy the capitalist.

Hello, everybody! I've received some good news about an upcoming film festival, which I am not allowed to speak about until the beginning of May... Good things are on the horizon!

Additionally, I've started a new project, and hope to continue carving out time for myself to create my art. Post-grad life is incredibly tough, and finding financial resources to supplement my art-making has been... challenging. I realized this week that I was spending a lot of time and energy moving towards opportunities that didn't excite me. I'm happy to say that for the past few days, I've been animating again. What's the use in having any money if you're miserable? I'm keeping my animator's hat staunchly on my head from now on. 

The Women's Film Festival

I'm getting really fired up for attending the Women's Film Festival in Philadelphia this weekend. My film "Truthful Innards" will be screening on Saturday the 12th. So pleased to be a part of the dialogue at this festival.

My film will be featured in the LGBTQ+ shorts program, which is both nerve-wracking and thrilling! I have been pretty tentative to label myself as an LGBTQ+ artist, or to label myself as any kind of artist at all.

For a long time, I have feared the inevitable pigeonholing that happens due to labelling oneself. I have already been rejected from a festival because my film was too niche. That hurt, but maybe niches are good. 

Maybe attending a festival where my "niche" is accepted and celebrated will feel much better than previous environments I've shown my work in, where the general atmosphere catered to older straight men. I for one have heard more than enough of that perspective. It'll be wonderful to feel free to participate in a more niche dialogue. 

Here's to niche!


Hey folks! Three of my works will be showing at BIW Gallery in Edina. The opening reception is on Thursday, starting at 4:30! Hope to see you there.